Wheel of Nottingham 2019

8th Feb - 24th Feb 2019

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  • Thank you to everyone that visited The Nottingham Wheel …. See you again in the future!!!!
Friday 8th Feb - Sunday 24th Feb 2019
Opening times:

Monday - Saturday: 10 am till 10 pm

Sundays: 10 am till 6 pm

Nottingham Light Night: 10 am till 11 pm

Last Ride … 15 mins before closing!
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Interesting facts about the wheel

  • Vantage height.The wheel offers a vantage height of 60 metres from the ground to the top, almost the same height as 15 double decker buses stacked one on top of another. The total weight of the wheel without passengers is 365 tons (365000 kilograms)
  • Passenger Gondolas.40 enclosed gondolas with a capacity of up to 6 persons per gondola.
    1 VIP gondola.
    1 disabled access gondola.
  • Setting up the wheel.The installation of the wheel takes approximately 1 week by 10 specially trained and qualified personnel using a 72 ton crane.
    The wheel is transported by our team on 11 trailers.
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  • Cutting edge design.This graceful giant wheel is almost completely silent in operation and features the very latest in observation wheel technology and is beautifully engineered to a high specification.

  • Riding experience.A trip on a the wheel takes approximately 12 minutes and offers a birds eye view of the surroundings whilst being lifted almost 60 metres into the sky.

  • Gondola design.Each gondola or capsule is completely enclosed with a 360 degree view. This design feature allows you to have a comfortable experience whatever the weather.
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60 m high Observation Wheel


Runaway Train

Themed Rollercoasters

Zip Wire

Ice Mountain

About Us

The Mellors Group has 20 years experience in delivering top-quality events. We pride ourselves on delivering challenging projects in an innovative way, with attention to detail and use of quality products and effects to create a memorable impression.
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